Ten Ways To Survive a Snow Day!

Yeah – it’s a snow day!!!!!!

Well, at least that’s how it starts but then (if you’re anything like my family) you start to get bored, unless you have a few ideas to them all entertained. So, here’s my top ten ways to survive a snow day. Good luck everyone!

1. Indoor Snow Ball Fight!

Let’s face it snow is great and all, but most of your little ones will be complaining about how cold it is after an hour. Plus, when they’re really little, real snow balls can hurt. So, why not come in from the cold and have an indoor snowball fight instead. All you have to do is roll up some socks (or raid the drawers) and hey presto, sock snowballs! Make it extra exciting by building forts first and organising teddy bear teams. Also, for the first time ever, your odd sock bag will be empty!

2. Use up that bread and milk!

Seriously, what is it with the bread and milk anyway? Well, if you’ve bought it, you may as well use it and make some bread pudding (it’s got fruit in it, so it’s kind of healthy!). Click here’s one of my favourite recipes. or try these  other leftover bread and milk recipes.  However, if you don’t feel you waste all your bread  supplies just yet.  simply follow these recipes to make some easy fairy cakes or shortbread biscuits instead!

3. Make snow cream!

Yes, this is really a thing. I read about it two years ago and have been waiting for a fresh patch of snow  ever since.  All you need  to do  is  mix snow, vanilla extract, milk and sugar together and eat it (recipe here). I swapped the vanilla for peppermint) and it was awesome!

4. Do you want to build a snowman?

Come on, let’s go and play (sorry!) Building  a snowman is so much fun and is the highlight of many of our childhoods There are even loads of websites with tips on how to build one (check this out).

For me though the core problems every time is 1) cold hands and 2) Not enough snow. To deal with number (1) try putting kitchen gloves over the top of your child’s gloves (to keep them drier for that bit longer) or  get them to use their buckets and spades instead!  Number (2) is a little more difficult and involves me stealing snow from people’s cars, sheds and fences (sorry neighbours). However, if the snow fall is not as dramatic as predicted, there is a way to make your own snow and it actually works (see here!) Your snowmen might just be a little smaller than expected!

5. Snow pictures!

You’ve finally wrapped up warm and got outside. You’re planning to make snowmen, snow dogs, snow elephants – everything! But your kids are moaning about their frozen fingers (maybe you should have bought those ski gloves in Aldi…) and there isn’t enough snow anyway. So, why not get out the paint brushes (or at least the spray bottles instead). This is so much fun just mix some food dye up with some water and let your little ones go crazy painting/spraying the snow – without really having to touch any of it. Here’s some top tips here!

6. Look after nature!

All children love animals but not all animals love snow. Why not take some time out from building snowmen to create some bird feeders or bird cakes instead? Here are some other top tips on how to look after and find out about nature at winter here.

7. Make real snow cones!

This is so much fun. Just basically either pour syrup or sauces on top of freshly collected snow (see here). For a healthier topping, simply freeze some real fruit juice and mix it with a little water or blend some frozen fruit with a little water, then place it on top of your snow cones! Depending on your day, you could always add a little rum or baileys or top of yours!


Start with a book hunt for any books that mention snow or winter. Then, build a den and get ready for a story marathon with tons of snacks on hand. Then, depending on the ability of your child, fold a piece of paper into six and get your child to either draw six pictures about their favourite story or get them to create their own storyboard. For older children, get them to choose their favourite words from the stories to create their own word cloud on snow days (see here) and use them to either create their own wintry picture or story.

9. Embrace the snow!

Just wrap up warm and get out there. Whether your sledging, building or throwing, snow is so much fun so enjoy it while you can! Why not build a Gruffalo (or big bad mouse) and re-enact the story (aha oho tracks in the snow) or write a note for your snowman to deliver to Santa when he flies off that evening? It’s never to early to put in a good word!

Enjoy making snow angels, paper snowflakes or use the snow to come up with a your a treasure hunt or a detective story where you follow the footprints. Why not try decorating your windows in cotton wool and paper snowflakes? Or making a baby snowman for the freezer? It’ll help with the post-snow withdrawals the next day!

 10. Relax!

Dry the clothes, put the kids in the bath (adding extra toys to keep them quieter for longer), get changed into your pyjamas, make those hot chocolates and put on that favourite movie (or get out those board games and put on those tablets. etc etc) Then, get on with all that work your boss has still sent you (boo) and do the house work. Alternatively, if you can, ignore the last part and just relax. Snow days don’t come very often, enjoy them!


For other tips on surviving the indoors, please go here!