Mad Science Birthday Party Review

When I heard the words ‘This is the best party ever!’, I knew that I had finally cracked it – a great birthday party!

 Phew! I mean let’s face it organising a children’s party can be stressful. You want something special that your child really wants but you’re also aware that you need to arrange something that will please their guests too, which is why this year I decided to go with Mad Science.


 Mad Science South Wales and Bristol are a fantastic company with a key mission to deliver fun, exciting & interactive science to children of all ages.   They do this in the form of after school classes, school holiday camps and, of course, birthday parties too!

When Atomic Andrew opened this terrific scientific show with the lighting of flash paper in the air, the gasps of surprise from this hyper gang of eight year olds was loud enough for me to know this was going to be a lot of fun. Mr Scientist (as he quickly became known) followed up this opening gambit with a small explosive volcano and a small shooting plastic rocket cap, cementing himself as a hero to my five year old, who watched on in pure excitement.

 What amazed me most about this show was not only had he managed to do all of this seamlessly in about fifteen minutes,  but that he had also been able to explain the reaction of the different chemicals too. This was actually an educational party (granted I probably should have realised that before) and the children were loving it.

 With an excited crowd hungry for more, Mr Scientist introduced his small balloon friend and challenged the children to think of different ways they could get him into his conical flask home. As an ex-teacher myself, I was really impressed how Atomic Andrew managed to lead the children from their opening (and quite savage cries) of ‘Burst him, burst him!’ and get them to a place where they were starting to think about the weight of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This fun activity then lead to the use of air to keep up ping pong balls (to various success when the children tried) and the blowing up of a mini hot air balloon.


None of this however, compared to the yelps of excitement that were heard with the introduction of the dry ice (and yes, I have to admit some of those yelps were mine).  Careful to make the children aware of the dangers (as well as the properties of dry ice), Andrew was able to show the amazing effects of dry ice with air, water and to the surprise of all of us – washing up liquid. This was so much fun and watching the smiles of the children as they got to burst these mysterious bubbles is something I won’t forget in a long time. My daughter (the birthday girl) just looked so happy and at that moment I knew that this party was definitely worth every penny.





The dry ice highlight for the children though was not this or bubbling flask, but the moment Atomic Andrew poured the dry ice into this huge white container. The children were just completely mesmerised by this and everyone’s first response was simple ‘Wow!’ followed by cries of ‘It’s like we’re in the sky. It’s like we’re in the sky’.  I think this was definitely a moment that none of them will forget.


After this exciting climax, the only thing left was to make slime! The children (naturally) absolutely loved this and had so much fun – plus with Andrew’s helpful tips on how to increase the flexibility of their slime, they also got the chance to blow up slime balloons too. My son and daughter were completely in their element and (just like my daughter wanted) all her guests were completely happy too and delighted to take home their own pot of homemade slime.


So, would I recommend Mad Science for a birthday party? Absolutely.

 The party wasn’t cheap but it was fantastic value. More importantly, for me, my daughter was able to have her perfect birthday present; a science show in her very own home.

 Please click here to head to the Mad Science website to find our more about their camps and parties. Alternatively, click here to follow their Facebook page and look out for their fantastic offers.

Disclaimer: I received a 20% discount on the party in exchange for this review. However, since the party was so fantastic, we are now intending to book our children on the school holiday camp during the summer holidays. If you would like your product, establishment or service reviewed by The Big Phill, please contact us via our Facebook page (click here for details).

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