Emma Burns Complementary Therapies Review

 To be honest, I felt a little nervous about having a reflexology treatment. Like many of us, I’ve seen these things but always thought that they weren’t really for me. Well, the first thing to say is that this afternoon totally changed my mind on this….

When Emma (from Emma Burns Complementary Therapies) arrived at my home, I was immediately made to feel at ease. I sat down in the suitable chair she had brought with her for the session and we then started to chat through what I was to expect. The benefits of reflexology were explained to me in a clear and understandable way. I liked her honest and clear approach. I was also surprised at how relaxed I felt just talking to her. 

After Emma collected some information about me (to analyse my requirements), it was time for the session to start. The reflexologist talked me through some breathing exercises to begin with and as she began to work on my feet, I began to feel instantly calmer. Within minutes, I felt totally ‘in the zone’ and was enjoying the chance to take a ‘time-out’ from all those everyday tasks and worries. Having trained ten years ago, Emma is an experienced reflexologist and this was demonstrated to me clearly during the session. Not just in the way that she enabled me to relax (music, breathing exercises and her technique), but also in the advice she gave before and after the session.

Once the reflexology had finished (and I was given time to ‘come round’), Emma spoke to me about the importance of keeping myself hydrating after reflexology and about what I could do moving forward. Personally, I couldn’t believe the sense of relaxation I felt during and afterwards. I was also astonished at how rejuvenated I felt. I was full of energy and things that had been bothering me no longer seemed so important.

 So, would I recommend Emma’s reflexology sessions to a friend? Definitely. I think they would be particularly useful to anyone feeling stressed; be it work, home or exam related.  So, if you’re someone (or know of someone) who has been feeling anxious, needs help relieving the symptoms of an ailment, having a tough pregnancy or simply in need of a better work life balance, I would definitely recommend a session with Emma!

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Disclosure: This was a complimentary session.



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