Could I be the next Apprentice?

So, I’ve decided to enter The Apprentice 2018!!!

Well, at least, I’ve decided to start selling things on The Big Phill!

It’s kind of a long story really… I first thought of the opportunity when I noticed that there were people from the US and China looking at the website (probably potential hackers but let’s assume they’re following news about Caerphilly) and well, I wanted to ‘show off’ Caerphilly more to them…

I started by showing local authors and selling some Caerphilly themed gifts from Amazon. It is not that I just wanted to show things about Caerphilly though. To be honest, I needed to try and get some money to pay for the running of the website and prizes for more competitions (which I feel help to encourage a sense of community and pride in our home). I’m quite happy to give a lot of my time for free, but well, I only work part time and I can’t afford to keep paying out for things. Mouths to feed and all that! 🙂

The problem was that I wanted to do more. The website is now getting over 4000 hits a month so  I really wanted to use this to encourage people to celebrate Caerphilly and the people that live here. I wanted to encourage people to buy local goods and help local people. I’ve done a lot since I started – I’ve distributed leaflets, started Twitter account and I now get over 20,000 views a month on Facebook. I wanted to use this influence to bring more money into Caerphilly. So, instead I decided to look for some locally made and locally sourced products as my first step.

I looked around craft fairs and online to see what I liked the best. It was really hard to choose as they were so many lovely things. However, in the end, I decided to contact the designer of a set of craft products that I really liked. I asked her if I could sell some of her products on my website (and Facebook page) and asked if I could take a small percentage (on products sold) to help me fund the website etc. Fortunately, she agreed and now, I am selling some of her goods online. Last week, someone bought two small trees, which meant I earned £2.70 – enough money to pay for my website this month! Oh yeah, I’m like a proper business person now…

Do you think this is enough to impress Lord Sugar? Maybe I should wait until 2019….


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