Welcome to The Big Phill.

The purpose of our site is to provide the world with an informative guide to events in and around Caerphilly for both tourists and locals, alike.

We fully believe that it’s time to celebrate Caerphilly!   



The Big Phill Blog

Welcome to my blog, please click the links below to see each post!

Why I started The Big Phill  –  A blog explaining why I started this website.

Why I’m not a bald man called Phill – A blog explaining the name of the website!

11 Things to do on a rainy day in Wales – A whole heap of things to do when you are stuck indoors!

7 days in Caerphilly – A blog detailing my experience of just shopping on the high street for seven days!

I’d love to hear what you think of the blogs. I would also be interested in knowing what you think of the website and the type of events we are listing so please share any thoughts or feedback you have under the comments section on each page. Check back regularly, as I’ll try to post something new every couple of weeks. Alternatively, if you fancy telling me your views in person, why not head to our Comedy Night in March instead?!